Nico is a witch and the adopted son of Pendragon. He originally thought he was a non-magic person until he found out that he is capable of the power of clairvoyance.


He has the appearance of a ruffian with messy red hair and a plaster on his nose. He wears a lace-up shirt with the sleeves torn off and brown 3/4 lengths with green pockets. He also wears two scarfs, one round his head and one around his waist.


Nico is a positive person despite his inner turmoil with himself. He typically puts others in front of himself, and keeps his own problems to himself, believing to be a burden to those around him if he were to speak about it. He tries to be a logical person, however, his emotions seem to affect his thinking and decisions more than he'd like. For example, Nico completely cut off Mark Evans due to the fact he felt betrayed and jealous of rumors that Mark pitied him.



Main CharactersEdit

  • Dorian Wytte: Nico initially looks down on Dorian, ignoring his desperate attempts to be friends. However, it is later revealed that this was out of pride and jealousy.
  • Dani Wytte: From their first meeting, the two appeared to have a good relationship. Later on, it is revealed that he thinks of her as "cute."
  • Monica: The two seem to get along quite well.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Mark Evans: Nico and Mark were childhood friends. However, Nico developed an inferiority complex which was on of the contributing factors to the sudden end of their friendship. They appear to be on better terms now. 
  • Pendragon: Nico looks up to Pendragon and mentally sees him as his father since his mother passed away. Nico wished for Pendragon to teach him magics and finally be able to refer to Pendragon as his father, but this remain unfulfilled and he still sees Pendragon, or "Master," as a being who looks down upon him; believing its his own inferiority.


  • Why walk when we can race? Life's too short to waste our time going for a walk.



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