Princess Monica is the heir to her kingdom and fiancée to Prince William. She is a non-magical person, but later on she learns how to use basic magic.


She has light pink, wavy hair which falls slightly past her waist and has grey eyes and freckles. She usually wears a yellow and white checked dress and a puff-sleeved blouse.


She is very sure of herself, getting angry at Dorian Wytte for saying she couldn't save William. She is an adventurous person and does anything to save her loved ones. She is confident and out going.


She stumbles into the place Dani and Dorian are staying. While she originally is shocked at the fact that they are witches, she gradually seems to get used to the fact that they are genuinely nice and do not want to harm her. They accompany her on her journey back to the kingdom to marry Will.


  • Dani Wytte: Monica and Dani have a close friendship. Since the moment Monica realized they were wizards Dani explained to her there was nothing to be afraid of because they were not evil. She became her friend way sooner than Dorian.
  • Dorian Wytte: Monica and Dorian have a rocky relationship of misunderstandings at first, but gradually began to improve their relationship, and even came to feel a certain attraction between them that neither has admitted. Reaching to the point that Monica often forgot about William for thinking or talking to Dorian, and has already said that she thinks Dorian is cute, but then saying "like a puppy" and blushing. It is highly plausible that she gradually develops true feelings for Dorian, since not only did she have a nightmare involving Dorian and the person she loved, when she was asked to break the spell on Will by kissing him she was worried that she "loved someone else more".
  • Nico:
  • Mark Evans: Monica plays as a sort of match maker between Mark and Dani.
  • William: Monica is engaged to William, and is trying to rescue him. But often has said that the love she feels for William is not like the one she's read in her favorite romance books and keeping with the idea of cancelling her commitment with William for looking for her real love.




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