Mark Evans is the son of Evans and works for his father at Evans Cafe. He is also the object of Dani Wytte's affections.


Mark is very tall but has messy dark hairs green eyes. He also weared


Mark is genuinely a nice person. He doesn't look for confrontation like Nico but he doesn't run away from it either. He's not very intelligent but he sure knows how to cook. He is always willing to help anyone in need. He also thinks magic is cool.


  • Dani Wytte: He is Dani's crush but is unaware of it, of course. We don't really know how he thinks of Dani. Obviously, they are good friends and care for each other. Throughout the story there are signs that he may feel the same but still unsure.
  • Dorian Wytte: Dorian didn't really like Mark, to begin with, due to Dani and Mark's "relationship." In Dorian's words, Mark is too old for Dani. In some aspects, this may be true but as time moved forward. They grew closer. Dorian is now a friend Mark can count on. Same goes for Mark to Dorian.
  • Nico: Nico is Mark's best friend, rivals as Nico puts it. They have undeniable history. Growing up together, Fighting together, even living together at one point. Nico always feels like Mark is better than him at everything. Like he is living in his shadow but to Mark. Nico is an important part of his life and his truest, bestest friend.
  • Monica: Ok, now Mark and Monica don't communicate much. Monica always calls him "Muffin boy" and pretty much poisoned him. When she was playing "Match Maker" for him and Dani. Which he knew nothing about at the time.


"You have to admit... Magic is pretty cool." :)