Hans[1] Wytte is a witch and the husband of Angela Wytte. He is also the father of Damien, Dorian and Dani as well as the brother of Hilde.


Hans is a middle-aged man with dark black hair. He had a black mustache and thick eyebrows. With black eyes and pale skin, he looks similar to his wife and his children. He often wears black due to being a witch.


Hans was once understanding of humans younger on, trying to deal with the bigotry shown to the witches. This changed and now he shows a hatred of humans, trying to enact revenge against them for harming his wife. He is angered by his rebellious children, though he had been happy with the fact that one of his children is heir to be the King of Witches.



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  • In an earlier episode, his first name was given as "Harold."[2]




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