Episode 8 is the eighth chapter of Hooky by Míriam Bonastre Tur.


Dani Wytte is sitting in Evans Cafe and observes the area when a waiter comes to her and asks her what she wants to order. Quickly, she chooses the first thing which looks nice, and when the waiter has gone Dani decides not to waste time anymore and do a spell to retrieve the airplane. However, she cannot think of the right spell and is promptly reminded that Dorian is the more talented one out of them again.

The waiter comes again and brings Dani her raisin bread pudding which she rashly chose. Enthralled by the pudding's beauty, Dani quickly eats it all, only to realise when she is done that the pudding may look delicious but is, in fact, uneatable. The moment she says aloud that the pudding is gross, the waiter comes back again and she rapidly says that she was only joking and that the pudding is truly delicious. Much to Dani's misery, however, the waiter understands that she wants to have more pudding and goes to get her more.

The hours pass and Dani has only eaten many, many more raisin bread puddings but still has not found the right spell. She thinks about how she is useless again ‏‒ just like this morning. Thinking about this morning, Dani remembers the spell to fix objects and is sure that she can get back the airplane with this spell. She only has to use it to fix the airplane, so Nico can make it fly with his remote control. But when she casts the spell, the airplane is not only fixed and flies again, violet smoke fills the cafe and the customers run away, leaving a huge mess.

The now fixed and flying airplane directly heads towards Dani who is too surprised and shocked to dodge it.

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