Episode 6 is the sixth episode of Hooky by Míriam Bonastre Tur.


Just when Dani and Dorian Wytte's training should finally start, Pendragon is called by a customer, so he tells them to choose their rooms instead. However, before Pendragon can go to work, Dorian remarks if "it's okay for a 'good wizard' to swindle the people" as "nobody can read the future." Pendragon promptly answers that he can actually see into the future before he finally goes.

Dani and Dorian explore Pendragon's house and Dorian finds a secret library full of old books in the basement. Immediately, he gets absorbed in a book until Dani announces that she has found her room. Dorian rushes to his sister to take a look of her new room, and when he realises that it is a very nice room, he runs off to find an even better one. Just when he thought that he would never find himself a suitable room, Dorian discovers the entrance to the attic. He goes up to the attic and upon seeing its beauty and wonderful view, he claims it as his room. Shortly afterwards, Dani comes to him and asks if they can switch rooms to which he refuses.

Looking out from the attic's balcony, Dorian and Dani decide to stay at Pendragon's house. Meanwhile, their aunt, Hilde Wytte, is visited by the Wizard in Charge of the Prison who informs her about her nephew's and niece's treacherous attempt to steal a dragon egg. However, Hilde just brushes it aside and says that "they are just two kids" after all, but the old wizard does not accept this as an excuse.

Annoyed, Hilde asks him why is here in the first place and the old wizard answers that he wants evidence that shows that she did not send Dani and Dorian to the prison to steal the dragon egg. Hilde tells him that she was supporting his plans all along and that he should leave. The old wizard says that he will still search for the children and that he wants to visit Harold Wytte, Hilde's brother and the twins' father. The huntsman eavesdropped on the entire conversation.

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