Episode 5 is the fifth chapter of Hooky by Míriam Bonastre Tur.


With a train, Dani and Dorian Wytte as well as their cat travel to a nearby town. Despite Dorian's complains how "the Wytte's family heir" has to use "filthy public transportation, like the plebs," he agrees to Dani's opinion that the view is beautiful. Then, Dani mentions the fact that they only have to travel by train because Dorian tried to steal a dragon egg. And while they argue, a ball flies through a window of the train, almost hitting Dani's face. Shortly afterwards, a boy with orange hair gets on the train and casually collects the ball, much to Dani's anger as his ball almost hit her.

But before the boy leaves with his ball, he recognizes the twins and tells them that "the Master's been looking for [them] for days." He wants them to come with him, but the inspector catches the boy, addresses him as "Nico" and says that he has to pay for the broken window first. Nico manages to get out of the affair by threatening the inspector to tell his wife about his "nocturnal hobby with laces" if he will not let him go.

Dani and Dorian follow Nico who starts a race with them out of the blue to the Master's house ‒ "Pendragon, the great soothsayer." Dorian is not very enthralled by Pendragon's house and comments if a wizard really lived in such a "hovel." Thereupon, Dani scolds him for talking so freely about wizards in front of a non-magical person, but Nico tells them not to worry as he was once the assistant of Pendragon and even learned how to fly a broom during his time as an assistant.

Then, Nico makes a joke about Dani's broom flying abilities which enrages her and they have an argument until Pendragon opens the front door of his house and tells them to be quiet. Nico entrusts the twins to Pendragon and leaves while the twins follow the soothsayer inside who is delighted that they have finally arrived.

Pendragon invites the twins for tea. However, they would rather have hot chocolate instead of tea, so Pendragon disguises some tea as hot chocolate and gives it to them before he starts his serious talk. He tells Dorian and Dani that there are wicked wizards and witches who want to destroy the peace between magical and non-magical people and who illegally breed magical creatures to take advantage of them. The children cannot believe his words and are shocked. Pendragon agrees that it is unbelievable and says that "to defend the honor of witches and wizards and the life of the innocent" he takes them in as his apprentices.

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