Episode 4 is the fourth chapter of Hooky by Míriam Bonastre Tur.


Dorian Wytte catches up with his sister Dani and the wizard in charge of the prison who went ahead to the dungeons to incarcerate "the enemy" there. After catching up, Dorian praises the security measures of the prison. The wizard then affirms that the prison "has no escape" and that "the prisoners that get in never get out."

Curious about the prisoners, the twins ask the wizard in charge who they are, but he only says that they are all "enemies from wizards and witches."

"The enemy" is thrown into the prison cell, but before the door of it is closed, he reaches out and takes Dorian's arm. He tells him that they should not trust the other witches and wizards as they are plotting something horrible. However, before "the enemy" can finish telling Dorian the witches' plan, Dani pulls him away and the door to the cell gets closed.

The twins and the other wizards leave the dungeons and Dani entrusts Dorian that "[her] hair stood on end" when "the enemy" grabbed him and that she cannot believe that he said that they were not like the other witches. Dorian does not really listen to her though as he can only think of the dragon eggs he spotted earlier. He excuses himself and his sister to the wizard in charge before taking Dani's wrist and dragging her with him.

Dani gets her broom before Dorian leads her to the dragon eggs. Dorian takes one of the eggs, and when someone notices the theft, they flee on Dani's broom. Enraged, the witches and wizards working in the prison attack the twins and the wizard in charge labels them as "betrayers."

One of the wizards can strike the dragon egg in Dorian's hands and it falls from his hands. While the egg falls down, a part of it loosens and reveals an eye which can take a glimpse of Dorian. The twins can flee but have to leave the egg in the prison as they do not have enough time to retrieve it. During their escape, however, Dani's broom breaks.

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