Episode 1 is the first chapter of Hooky by Míriam Bonastre Tur.


The twin witches, Dani and Dorian Wytte, together with their cat, hurry to catch the bus which should bring them to a magic school. On their way to the bus stop, they attract a lot of attention by running and bumping into people. However, the bus leaves without them before they arrive, resulting in Dani to decide to fly with her broom after it.

Before she can reach the bus, Dorian grabs her broom from behind and they both fall down onto the ground. They pick themselves up and Dani yells at Dorian for grabbing her broom and letting her fall down although she almost reached the bus. Thereupon, Dorian whispers to Dani that he did it because everyone on the street has watched her flying, and if they found out that they were, in fact, witches, they could try burning them. Dani just replies that they are able to fly, so the others would not have been able to catch and burn them.

After Dorian remarks that they would not be able to fly with all their luggage with them, he changes the topic and says that the bus has already teleported to the magic school, and as they did not know where the school is located, they could not go there by themselves. Since their parents would be angry if Dani and he missed their first year at school, the twins decide to find a mentor where they could stay for the next nine months.

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