Dorian Wytte is a witch, and the second son of Hans and Angela Wytte. He is also the younger brother of Damien and Dani, and heir to the Wytte name.[2]


Dorian has short black hair and black eyes. He usually wears a black suit with a white shirt.


Dorian is less outgoing than his twin sister Dani, preferring to read and practice magic. He has tried many times to become friends with Nico, each time Nico would brush him off until later in the story when they begin to get along.


Abilities and Powers Edit

Dorian is a very skilled learner in magic, as he was able to recite a spell after only reading it once. He is very capable at manipulating items using his wand and knows numerous spells, although he admits he doesn't know healing spells, despite his great offensive attacks.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Dani Wytte: As twins, Dani and Dorian share a close relationship.
  • Nico: Dorian has tried to become friends with Nico, however, Nico ignored him due to his jealousy. That doesn't stop him from keeping trying to make Nico return to his original size. Nico soon apologizes for his wrong doings and an accidental curse from Dani is broken.
  • Monica: At first, they had many misunderstandings, but gradually began to improve their relationship, and even came to feel the certain attraction between them that neither has admitted. Reaching to the point that Dorian did not tell her about his meeting with Prince William because he felt like she could go away from his side. Later, he confessed that he liked Monica, but she merely responded that she didn't dislike him, not that she had the same feelings for him; this lead to later confusion and embarrassment.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Mark Evans: Dorian considered him his first friend. Maybe because of Dorian being so mature for his age, they get along pretty well. Dorian uses Mark to persuade Dani from renouncing magic.
  • Pendragon: Dani and Dorian's master.
  • Hilde Wytte: Dani and Dorian's aunt.
  • Damien Wytte: Dani and Dorian's older brother.




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