Damien Wytte is a witch and member of the Royal Court. He is the eldest child and first son of Hans and Angela Wytte, as well as the older brother of Dani and Dorian.


Unlike his parents and younger siblings, who all have black hair and black eyes, Damien possesses white hair and light blue eyes. Another difference between him and the rest of his family is that he’s drawn with bags under his eyes.

As a kid, Damien wore a white, short sleeved button-up blouse accompanied with a black bow tie. He wore black shorts, black shoes, and below-the-knee white socks.

During his teenage years, Damien wears a black dress top over a dark gray turtleneck shirt. Rather than shorts, he now wears gray pants and knee-high black boots. He wears a gray belt, a gray cape, and a silver locket that hangs around his neck.

Three years later at the age of 22, Damien wears a much fancier dress top, a courtesy of being with royalty. He wears the same pants and boots as before, but without the cape and locket, and replacing his old belt with a new one. His hair is now parted in the front and is a bit shorter at the back and at the sides.


Damien is highly secretive, it seems, and his over-conscious demeanor can't go unnoticed. Damien can be nerved quite easily, as he is seen to be blushing or sweating due to small factors. He's aloof, however, and holds a dark personality that can only seemingly be lifted by William. Stout, though, Damien is skillfull through his brooding ways.


Damien lived with his parents when he was a young child. One day he was playing with some friends from a nearby town when he accidentally turned his friend into a toad. News spread through the town that Damien’s family was made up of dangerous witches, so the townsfolk took Damien's mum and tried to burn her at the stake. William's parents, the king and queen, supported the actions of the townsfolk, but Monica's father, another king, came to stop them. Since that day, Damien's parents have been seeking vengeance against humans, creating a depressing atmosphere in the family for Damien. Damien felt extremely lonely after that day until he met William, a boy who witnessed Damien doing magic in the forest. Luckily, William believed that Damien was a fairy rather than a witch. William came to the forest everyday and became Damien's friend. The two played everyday until William suddenly left, leaving Damien alone once again.

Some time later Damien told his parents he wanted to go to school. After coming back, he thought it was horrible and didn't want to go back since the teachers taught students that witches are dangerous. When he arrived home, some kids threw rocks at Damien and told him that he was monster, reminding him that it's his fault that his family is being discriminated against because of the frog incident. He goes to the forest crying when William appears. William has moved to Monica’s castle since he had become her fiancé and he offers to let Damien come too. Damien then reveals that he’s a witch, believing that William will take back the offer if he knows what he truly is. However, William says he’s known the whole time and still values their friendship. Damien accepts William’s offer ecstatic that he has a friend who truly likes him.

William leaves to persuade his parents to let him go with William and they (although hesitantly) oblige. In the castle, Damien plays with many friends his age including Monica, Anne, Ivy, and Amir and he is very happy. His parents make him come back home during Christmas and on his birthday. Every time he comes home he can feel the need for vengeance in the family becoming stronger as. Soon, Damien states that he wants nothing to do with the family and leaves for good.

A few years later during the Witches Sabbath, a soothsayer tells everyone it is the son of Wytte that will be the new king of witches. Mr and Mrs Wytte are sure the new king will be Damien. During this time, Damien pretends to hate non-magical people when in actuality, he only wants to save William, who was recently hidden away and placed under a curse by the Wyttes. Damien presses his parents for information on William's location, but they refuse to tell him, so he turns to Pendragon for help. Pendragon goes with him to the desert and they find Dorian, Dani, Nico, Mark, Amir, Anne, Aisha and Ivy, who are already fighting the dragon. After the wounded dragon flees, Damien follows the dragon on a broom alongside Monica and Dorian.

While following the dragon, Damien is hit by a rock and falls off his broom. Monica and Dorian attempt to catch him, resulting in the three of them falling into a pit filled with roses and dragon blood. They follow the trail of blood and find the dragon, now asleep. Monica spots a large rock spiral that William must be hidden on, so she and Damien run up it as Dorian fends off the dragon who’s beginning to wake up.

At the top of the rock spiral is a cave in which William is resting. He’s cursed under a sleeping spell that can only be broken with a true-love’s kiss. Monica leans in to kiss him as she’s his fiancé, but doesn’t go through with it. She believes she doesn’t love him enough since she has a crush on Dorian. Damien then volunteers, but the Wyttes suddenly appear, threatening to curse Monica. Monica tells Damien not to worry about her and to kiss Will. He does so, immediately waking Will up.

Dorian makes a sudden entrance while riding a dragon, distracting the Wyttes. The princess, Will, and Damien are able to retreat on broomsticks because of the diversion. Before they can get too far, though, Damien and Will are knocked off their broom due to the dragon’s fire breath because Dorian isn’t able to completely control his dragon. They fall down and Monica follows, believing that they’d been killed. However, Damien jumps back up off the ground to create a shield from more attacks. Him, Monica and William are able to retreat on brooms along with Dorian shortly after when the fighting comes to a stop. They make it back to the palace safely.

After Mrs Wytte kills Monica’s parents and captures Dani, Damien decides to leave in search of his sister. Before he leaves, however, he’s locked up under William’s father along with Monica and Dorian for trying to leave the royal grounds. Additionally, Dorian has been sentenced to be burned at stake for “kidnapping” the princess, who, in reality, volunteered to assist him to search for Dani. William visits Damien while locked up and Damien requests for a book of advanced magic which holds the key to getting them out of their predicament. William, along with Aisha and Mark, find the book along with the needed supplies for the spell. Damien sews up a dummy that he’ll later enchant to look and act like Dorian to be burned at the stake in his place. This plan works, fooling the king, Dani, Nico, and the Wyttes. Dani, believing that her twin is actually dead at the hands of the king, gives into the same vengeance her parents held and becomes the queen of witches. Dorian flies solo to save her, but never returns.

Three years later, Damien is seen with William and Monica, mourning the death of William’s father. During the past three years, he’s been having occasional search parties for Dorian along with Mark and Aisha. At this particular time, Aisha believes she’s found a strong lead for Dorian, so the three of them leave to find him hoping that this time they’ll actually get somewhere.

Carlo manages to find Dorian’s body after going on a solo mission and bringing back his potion bottle necklace. The search party follows Carlo to Dorian and Pendragon reveals how he made Dorian drink a poison to kill him as he foresaw Dorian creating a dangerous future.

Damien sees that Dorian’s body is still intact after three years and realizes that he’s still alive because he drank Monica’s potion. He comes up with a plan to distract the dragon and give Dorian an antidote. Damien creates a living dummy of himself to distract the beast while he himself cures his brother with the potion. He narrowly avoids getting killed by the dragon when it sees him by picking up Dorian and flying away on broomstick. He manages to shield the two of them while being chased, but ends up falling to the ground when the broomstick is set on fire. Dorian luckily wakes up just in time to soothe the dragon.

The group retreats to a nearby village to rest and inform Dorian of the situation. While they stay in the village, Damien and Pendragon journey back to the castle to tell Monica the news.

Damien finds Will to tell him about Dorian. Will addresses Damien about his wedding, asking if it bothers him. Damien replies saying it won’t since they’ll still be friends afterward, but is pinned against the wall by Will who wants to know if Damien really only wants to be friends. Damien, flustered, pushes Will away saying that he loves him a lot and he knows it. Damien then asks if Will really wants this, to which he replies saying he needs to marry Monica, avoiding Damien’s question.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Dani Wytte: In episode 29, Damien indirectly helps Dani escape from witches who capture her by distracting them while she ran away and arguing that she couldn't be a traitor. Due to her having a twin to look out for her throughout her childhood, Damien sees Dani as having grown up in a protective bubble of ignorance and innocence. When Dani was kidnapped by Angela Wytte, Damien leaves to find her almost immediately, showing that he does care for his sibling despite his jealousy of her childhood.
  • Dorian Wytte: Like Dani throughout his childhood, Damien saw him as sheltered. However, when he finds the dark witch's spells in Dorian's backpack, he believes Dorian is practicing black magic. He also believes Dorian to be manipulative, like their father. This is cleared up later on when Damien says they aren’t too different and they work together to find Will. When they were both imprisoned by Will’s father, Damien worked out an advanced spell to first free Dorian. When Dorian disappears after leaving to find Dani, Damien had frequent search parties with Mark and Aisha to find him.
  • Monica: Damien has been friends with Monica since they were young after meeting her when he started living in the castle. They often play and talk together along with William. Later after meeting Monica for the second time during Damien's quest to save William, they team up. After the time skip, they seem to hold shared feelings that the death of Will’s father was for his own good. Additionally, Monica is the first person Damien goes to after finding Dorian again.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Hans and Angela Wytte: Hans and Angela Wytte, Damien's parents, have a strong desire for revenge against non-magical people to the point where Damien sees this as unjustly and runs away from home with prince William. Years later his parents think he must be the "King of the Witches" and try to turn him back to hating non-magical people. Damien pretends to do so but lies about going to kill and instead goes to save him. Damien believes that there’s no hope left for his parents as he says to Dorian that after everything is through, they should kill their progenitors. However, when Hans is killed, he does feel a bit of grievance for his late father.
  • Hilde Wytte:
  • William: Out of all of the characters, Damien seems the closest with William. Damien is protective of William, and puts him above everyone else. Because William was Damien's first true friend, we can see that he displays a loyal front to him. Damien also has feelings for William. This is first implied when he’s sure that if he kisses William he’ll break the curse which, when he tried it, woke William up immediately. After the time skip when William confronts Damien about his upcoming wedding with Monica, William pins Damien against the wall asking if he wants to be more than friends. Damien’s feelings for William are confirmed when he says he loves him very much.


“You know I love you. So much.” -shoving away William in episode 159

“I got away from home because I couldn’t stand our psychopathic murderous father anymore.” -talking to Dorian in episode 62

“Don’t worry, your majesty. I’ll take care of it. I promise. I owe you.” -talking to the king, reassuring him of his loyalty in episode 75

“We were a close family. Until I ruined it all.” -blaming himself for turning his parents evil in episode 75

“I’m sorry, Mom. I don’t like lying to you. Revenge isn’t gonna heal you. I can’t wait until it’s too late.” -pretending to be loyal to his parents to find William in episode 76

“Of course you’re not horrible. Just because you love other people? We all love many people in different ways or on different levels. It’s not a big deal.” -in response to Monica who’s afraid she doesn’t love William enough in episode 111

“Well, I’m not actually dying to kiss Will... while he’s asleep. But I have no doubt that he’ll wake up [from the curse] if I do.” -evidence of implied feelings for Will in episode 111


Damien admits that he loves William

Damien admits he loves William

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