Damien Wytte is a witch and member of the Royal Court. He is the eldest child and first son of Hans and Angela Wytte as well as the older brother of Dani and Dorian.


Unlike his parents and younger siblings, who all have black hair and black eyes, Damien possesses white hair and light blue eyes.


Damien is highly secretive, it seems, and his overconcious demeanor can't go unnoticed. Damien can be nerved easily, as he is seen to be blushing or sweating easily. He's aloof, however, and holds a dark personality that can only seemingly be lifted by William. Stout, though, Damien is skillfull through his brooding ways.


Damien lived with his parents when he was a young child. One day he was playing with some friends from a nearby town when he accidentally turned his friend into a toad. News spread in the town and they took Damien's mum and tried to burn her, even William's parents agreed, when Monica's father came to stop them. Since that day Damien's parents have been seeking vengeance and doing that caused a depressing atmosphere in the family for Damien. Damien felt extremely lonely until bumping into William in the forest when he saw Damien doing magic and he thought he was a fairy. William came everyday and he became Damien's friend and played everyday until he left one day leaving Damien in loneliness again.

Some time later he told his parents he wants to go to school. After coming back he thought it was horrible and didn't want to go back again since the teachers there teach students that non-magical people are dangerous. Some kids throw rocks at Damien and tell him he's a monster when he arrives home, reminding him that it's all his fault. He goes to the forest crying when William appears. William has moved to Monica's castle and he offers to let Damien come too. Damien accepts and persuades his parents to let him go. In the castle, Damien plays with many friends his age including Monica and he is very happy. His parents make him come back home on Christmas and his birthday, and every time he does so, he can feel the need for vengeance in the family becoming stronger. Soon, Damien states that he wants nothing to do with the family and leaves for good.

During the witches Sabbath a soothsayer tells everyone it is the son of Wytte that would be the new king of witches. Damien's parents are sure it's Damien and he pretends to hate non-magical people, when in actuality, he only wants to save William, who got taken by a dragon. Damian presses his parents for information on William's location, but they refused to tell him, so he turned to Pendragon for help. Pendragon goes with him to the desert and finds Dorian, Dani, Nico, Mark, Amir, Anne, Aisha and Ivy, who are fighting the dragon already. After the wounded dragon flees, Damian goes and follows the dragon on a broom alongside Monica and Dorian.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Dani Wytte: In episode 29, Damien indirectly helps Dani escape from witches who capture her by distracting them while she ran away and arguing that she couldn't be a traitor. Other than that, the only thing we know is that he sees her as having grown up in a protective bubble of ignorance and innocence.
  • Dorian Wytte: Like Dani, throughout his childhood, he saw him as sheltered. However, when he finds the dark witch's spells in Dorian's backpack, he believes Dorian is practicing black magic. He also believes Dorian to be manipulative, like their father.
  • Monica: Damien has been friends with Monica since they were young after meeting her when he started living in the castle. They often play and talk together along with William. Later after meeting Monica for the second time during Damien's quest to save William, they team up.
  • Nico:

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Hans and Angela Wytte: Hans and Angela Wytte, Damien's parents, have been having a strong desire for revenge against non-magical people to the point where Damien sees this as unjustly and he runs away from home with prince William. Years later his parents think he must be the "King of the Witches" and try to turn him back to hating non-magical people and Damien pretends to do so but lies about going to kill and instead goes to save him.
  • Hilde Wytte:
  • William: Out of all of the characters, Damien seems the closest with William. Damien has implied feelings for him, this was confirmed in episode 111 when he says he has no doubt if he kisses William (who is under a curse) , William will wake up. In the next episode he does so and William wakes up. Damien is protective of William, and puts him above everyone else. As William was Damien's first true friend, we can see that he displays a loyal front.