Damien Wytte is a witch and member of the Royal Court. He is the eldest child and first son of Hans and Angela Wytte as well as the older brother of Dani and Dorian.


Unlike his parents and younger siblings, who all have black hair and black eyes, Damien possesses white hair and light blue eyes.


Damien is highly secretive, it seems, and his overconcious demeanor can't go unnoticed. Damien can be nerved easily, as he is seen to be blushing or sweating easily. He's aloof, however, and holds a dark personality that can only seemingly be lifted by William. Stout, though, Damien is skillfull through his brooding ways.



Main CharactersEdit

  • Dani Wytte: In episode 29, Damien indirectly helps Dani escape from witches who capture her by distracting them while she ran away and arguing that she couldn't be a traitor. Other than that, the only thing we know is that he sees her as having grown up in a protective bubble of ignorance and innocence.
  • Dorian Wytte: Like Dani, throughout his childhood, he saw him as sheltered. However, when he finds the dark witch's spells in Dorian's backpack, he believes Dorian is practicing black magic. He also believes Dorian to be manipulative, like their father.
  • Monica: Damien treats Monica as she is—royalty. Yet during the ball he was seen as cold and disruptive towards her, and appears to only socialize with her because of William.
  • Nico:

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Hans and Angela Wytte: For an unknown reason, Damien does not like his father.
  • Hilde Wytte:
  • William: Out of all of the characters, Damien seems the closest with William. Damien is seen to have implied feelings for him, but this was never truly comfirmed. Damien is protective of William, and puts him above everyone else. As William was Damien's first true friend, we can see that he displays a loyal front.



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