Anne is one of the ladies-in-waiting of Princess Monica.[1]


Anne is a teenage girl with a simple look. With long brown hair (typically held up in a pony tail), she passes as a sweet, kind person. She can be seen to be taller than Monica and her dear friend, Ivy.


Anne is a sweet girl, not putting up much of a fight for anything. She goes along with what is said and is seen to be an opposite of Ivy (as Ivy is quite lazy and open about her dislike for things). Anne is also quite happy to see others in love, seen as her reactions to both Monica's love for William and Dorian's love for Monica.


It has not yet been revealed much about her, but she has stuck with Monica, Ivy, Dorian, Dani, Mark, and Nico since the fall of the kingdom. She has had to pretend to be a witch due to this.


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Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Ivy: Anne acts as a foil to Ivy as Anne is quite understanding and sweet, while Ivy is open about her dislikes. They seem to have known each other for a long time and to be best friends.
  • William: