Angela[1] Wytte is a witch and the wife of Hans Wytte. She is also the mother of Damien, Dorian and Dani.


Angela has fair skin and black hair which is kept in a rather messy side braid. Furthermore, her face is half-burnt from almost being burned at the stake.


Most of the time, she is shown to be a kind, sweet woman who cares for her family. Later on in the series, we learn that she is also strong and has strong leadership skills, along with an endless hatred for non-magic people.



Main CharactersEdit

  • Dani Wytte: Her only daughter whom she cares for a lot. After killing Monica's parents, she kidnapped Dani and later attended Hans' funeral with her and Hilde.
  • Dorian Wytte: Her second son. Angela and the witches' community wanted him to be crowned King after Damien's "betrayal".

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Hans Wytte: Her husband. She seems to care and loves him very much.
  • Hilde Wytte: Her sister-in-law. Not much has been shown about their relationship yet, though they seem to be on good terms.
  • Damien Wytte: Her eldest son. When he was little, she used to care, comfort and defend him when his father is mad. After the event of her burning, she became filled with hatred and anger towards non-magic people, which terrifies Damien. Nowadays, she made him accept the crown for her since he "owes" her.